Abhay Deol-PIA Embark on a Fantastical Escapade in 'Follow the Toad'

Abhay Deol-PIA Embark on a Fantastical Escapade in 'Follow the Toad'

In a groundbreaking collaboration, actor Abhay Deol joins forces with emerging international EDM artist PIA in the visually stunning music video ‘Follow the Toad,’ directed by international filmmaker Joe Sill. Known for his penchant for offbeat projects, Abhay Deol delivers yet another trailblazing performance in this immersive narrative that transcends traditional music videos. Shot in just a single day using cutting-edge virtual production techniques, the video is a visual extravaganza that transports viewers to a vast and ancient otherworldly land, the narrative showcasing the battle between good and evil. Drawing inspiration from iconic adventures such as Indiana Jones, the fantastical landscapes reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings, and the intricate world of Dune, Joe Sill's direction brings a unique cinematic flair to the music video.

Speaking about the experience of shooting for a virtual production, Abhay Deol shares, “In the realm of acting, the tools at hand play an important role in enabling us (performers) to bring characters to life. However, one challenge that often disrupts the process is the reliance on green screens and the need to imagine the environments or obstacles being portrayed, rather than directly interacting with them. In the case of ‘Follow the Toad,’ a virtual production leveraging Unreal Engine technology, this barrier was easily overcome. By immersing myself in a digitally-created world, I found it easier to connect with, and to respond to my surroundings, despite their purely virtual nature. And thus, this breathtakingly expansive video came to life!”

For EDM artist PIA, who looks no less than an ethereal princess herself in the video, ‘Follow the Toad’ marks not just a musical endeavour, but a journey about exploring new storytelling avenues and pushing artistic boundaries, all while working alongside her friend Abhay! PIA expresses, “As my first solo project, both in terms of film & music, it was a surreal experience. The song inspired the story, which inspired the visuals. And, Abhay is a true master of his craft. And true to my love for bridging worlds, working together was a harmonious ‘East meets West’ fusion that was organically manifested through all of our mutual love of wanting to tell exciting stories in new ways.”

Joe Sill's impressive career trajectory, which includes directing projects for top brands like Apple, NASA, Disney, Nike, and Warner Bros. Games, underscores the calibre of talent behind the music video. Utilizing a stage equipped with a remarkable 30-foot-by-12-foot LED wall, Joe, co-founder of Impossible Objects, not only helmed the project but also meticulously crafted the breathtaking environments featured throughout the video. Joe imparts, “For ‘Follow the Toad,’ I wanted to ensure that we captured the transcendental energy PIA and Anymize (the music producer) delivered in their music. When I first listened to the track, I felt as though I was witnessing something behemoth and giant. It felt mesmerising and otherworldly – as though I was watching something undeniable being reborn or awakened, and I couldn’t turn away. By building the virtual environments in Unreal Engine, I am glad that instead of traveling to exotic real-life places like Iceland or Jordan, we never left the soundstage, yet the end result was nothing short of cinematic splendour!”

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