Actress Anupama Solanki: 2023 was full of learning for me!

Actress Anupama Solanki: 2023 was full of learning for me!

Actress Anupama Solanki says that she loves keeping New year resolutions as it’s a great way of forming good habits. She adds that the last year has taught her a lot.

“I believe in resolutions because it gives you motivation and purpose in your life. But it’s difficult to maintain your resolution. I feel resolutions are good for learning because every year if you make sure to follow your resolution even for 100 days, it becomes a habit,” she says.

She adds, “I learnt a lot from last year. I understand people more deeply because in real life it’s difficult to handle people. 2023 was a superb year for me in terms of handling people. I understood who I should trust or who I should not trust, because I used to trust every one and that was the biggest issue with me. The second thing that I learnt was how to handle your finances. Good investments are assets for long and bad investments are liabilities.”

As for showbiz, there has been a dramatic shift to OTT, she says, adding, “I feel people are not going to the theatre, and they are enjoying OTT more. This is an important lesson for Bollywood because for many years we have been watching outdated content. They are the same old love stories and useless action scenes. It is a lesson for those who are still stuck, and give priority to their own people. Bollywood should give chances to new writers, directors, actors, casting directors; so people can see creative and new things. In 2022-2023, I barely remember any good Bollywood movies. If OTT will rise, new people will get a chance and our entertainment industry will rise.”

Talking about the next year, she says, “In my bucket list in 2024, there are many web-series and good production TV shows as well as a music album. In 2024, I am going to be super busy because I am frequently getting good offers. My confidence is higher now as compared to the previous years. 2023 was a great learning year of my life in terms of my career, finance and Relationships. I feel 2024 will create more learning and better career growth.”

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