Actress Pranitaa Pandit shares her take on the violence show in the film ANIMAL

Actress Pranitaa Pandit shares her take on the violence show in the film ANIMAL

"In today's world, not everyone possesses the ability to purely appreciate a film's creativity without misinterpreting its content," reflects Pranitaa Pandit, an actress and influencer, on the ongoing debate surrounding Sandeep Reddy Vanga's film 'Animal' and the surge in violence-laden sequences across movies and OTT platforms.

"While 'Animal' garners success at the box office, it also sparks discussions regarding its intense violence," Pranitaa shares. "Personally, I'm drawn to suspense thrillers, but excessive violence doesn't align with my viewing preferences. Nevertheless, there's a substantial audience, especially among teenagers and certain adults, who find excitement in such content."

Elaborating further, she states, "However, I question whether such content truly resonates with the masses. While some viewers relish it, others remain neutral or critical. Diversity in cinematic genres is essential, catering to individual tastes. Good cinema, in my opinion, either reflects relatable aspects or offers aspirational narratives with positive messages."

When asked about the presence of violence within individuals, Pranitaa acknowledges, "Humans possess multifaceted personalities, often suppressing certain shades. Redirecting such energies positively becomes crucial, prompting many to seek therapy. Despite the violence, commendable performances by actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Anil Kapoor garner appreciation for their craft rather than the violent depictions."

"Movies are an art form meant for entertainment, showcasing the prowess of actors and collaborative efforts," Pranitaa continues. "While films don't directly inspire violence, they can negatively influence a segment of the audience who struggle to distinguish reel from real life. Sadly, not everyone can discern the difference, often emulating on-screen actions of their idols without considering the disparity. Fortunately, social media has provided insight into these idols' real lives, aiding in demarcating reality from fiction."

Regarding OTT platforms, she expresses, "OTT offers a wide array of choices, allowing viewers to select content suiting their preferences. However, excessive violence in mainstream cinema remains a concern for me, not aligning with my appreciation for such content."

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