Actress Sherleen Dutt: Christmas has always held a special place in my heart

Actress Sherleen Dutt: Christmas has always held a special place in my heart

Actress Sherleen Dutt says that Christmas for her has always been significant. She adds that she has some great memories of the festival.
“In the tapestry of traditions that shape my family's story, Christmas has always held a special place, despite our Hindu roots. The excitement building up to the holiday season is palpable, as the 25th of December not only marks the celebration of Christmas but also honours my beloved grandfather's birthday,” she says.

She adds, “Growing up in a Hindu household, our Christmas celebrations have been a beautiful fusion of customs. The twinkling lights adorning the Christmas tree are as enchanting to me as the diyas we light during Diwali. It's a delightful convergence of cultures, where the joy of Christmas resonates with the spirit of togetherness that is universal.”

Talking about traditions, she says, “One aspect that makes Christmas extraordinary is the camaraderie shared with my Christian friends. The exchange of sweets and cakes is reminiscent of the joyous spirit of Diwali, creating a beautiful symmetry in our celebrations. It's heartening to see how traditions can bridge cultural gaps, fostering a sense of unity and understanding. One of the most enriching experiences is joining my Christian friends in their Christmas traditions. The joy they find in being with family and celebrating the birth of Jesus is infectious. The warmth of their traditions has become an integral part of my own festive season, reminding me that the essence of Christmas goes beyond religious affiliations.”

Talking about balancing work, and celebrations, she says, “As the holiday season approaches, I eagerly anticipate the magical moments that Christmas brings laughter shared with family, the exchange of gifts, and the joy of celebrating my grandfather's birthday. In this amalgamation of cultures and traditions, I find the true spirit of Christmas a celebration that unites hearts and transcends the boundaries of religion.”

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