Actress Sonal Panwar: Today’s generation is very busy; no one wants to take out time for relationships

Actress Sonal Panwar: Today’s generation is very busy; no one wants to take out time for relationships

Sonal Panwar: Happu Ki Ultan Paltan actress Sonal Panwar says that today people don’t have time to invest in the growth of a relationship. She adds that relationships need effort and need to be nurtured.

“Definitely, today’s generation is a busy one, everyone’s working towards success but no one is willing to make relationships successful. All they think about is less effort and more results. But it ends up getting bad because patience is the only key to any beautiful relationship. Whether it’s family or outside, it needs time and effort and respect,” she says.

Not only love relationships but even genuine friendships require time, she says, adding, “I feel genuine friendships are very organic. The best thing you can do is make the other one feel that you are present, always, no matter what. Or at least, try to be available for that person when they need you. Even if you don’t meet for months, it should always start with where you left the last time.. as I say patience is the key.”

We need to focus on all areas of our lives, she says. “Everyone is actually focused on building their career, and so many other things that this generation is really not contributing to emotions and relationships. They forget that whatever the essence we have is all because of the relationships around us. It’s very important to acknowledge the value of emotions, it will give you the courage to be a beautiful human at least.”

She adds, “you get many of those friends who are colleagues and they become friends, but again friendships should happen without any reason. If the reason that you want to become friends is for some person gain, then it might not be genuine friendship. Work and relationships are completely separate.”

Emotional support is necessary in today’s fast paced life, she says, adding, “I think the more you deny the fact that you need emotional support, the more you are telling yourself that you need it, but you are just scared of giving attention to it. But as I said, the first thing that should be taken care of is that you need to be a good human being. That only comes from a strong emotional space. No one is a complete human without having all the emotions. The balance is very important, you can love what you do.. and you can also do what you love to do.”

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