Aradhana Sharma opens up on her item number in the Marathi movie Khurchi

Aradhana Sharma opens up on her item number in the Marathi movie Khurchi

Actress Aradhana Sharma, who has performed a dance number in the Marathi film Khurchi, says that she is excited to see people’s reactions. The actress adds that she loved shooting the song.

“I am doing a lot of work in Marathi cinema. I have completed a Marathi project, which is going to be released on the 12th of January. I also have another web series that is also set to release on the same date, so it's a very big deal for me.  As for this song, I have performed an item song in the film. I wanted to do an item song in a Marathi movie because I love dancing, I love glamour, and the combination of glamour and dancing is like a double dhamaka for me. It's like a double pleasure. On one hand, I have dance, and on the other hand, I have style, glamour, and if you combine them, it's me, Aradhana,” she says.

Talking about the film, she says, “So it's a movie about a chair, and by chair, I mean it's about politics. It's about what people can do for power and position. The fight for the chair means the challenge of power, the challenge of authority—who has the power, who has the money, who can suppress whom. So, this movie is based on that.”

Ask her if she understands Marathi, and she says, “I understand Marathi, not the purest form, but I can understand and speak a little. Personally, I really want to say that I love the Marathi language and I am learning it because I feel a certain power and charm in the Marathi language; it's a very beautiful language.”

Meanwhile, she adds that people are loving the number. “If I talk about the current response, my people are loving it. A very positive response is coming in; they are saying that you are looking very beautiful, very glamorous, and they loved my dancing and everything. One comment even asked if I have learned Marathi. As for the people, they are loving it, and I hope that they continue to like it in the future,” she says.
Ask her if she wants to do an item number in a Bollywood film, and she says, “Yes, it's my dream. I'm craving to do a Bollywood item number. I'm hoping that my video somehow reaches a director or someone in the industry, and they quickly like it, taking it as a reference. I want them to think, ‘We need someone like Aradhana who danced gracefully in that video.’ I am really manifesting it, wishing to do a Bollywood item number as soon as possible. I am dying to do it. I am a very desi girl, a girl who loves Bollywood cinema very much, and I would love to be a part of a Bollywood item number, just like Helen. You know, Helen is a very powerful lady, a powerful personality, and I really want people to recognize me like they recognize her as well as how they recognize Nora Fatehi. I want them to see me as a powerful actress because dancing is a very creative form, and I want to be acknowledged as a very powerful, intelligent actor, someone with diverse skills, and of course, an amazing dancer.”

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