Bigg Boss 17: Sana Raees Khan trades no-duty weeks for ghar ka ration

Bigg Boss 17: Sana Raees Khan trades no-duty weeks for ghar ka ration

Well, if there is anyone who ruled the latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, it is lawyer Sana Raees Khan. The episode started with Sana declaring to the others in the house that she will not do the dishes today as she is sick. Munawar tried to convince her to wash the dishes, and even threatened her that she won’t get food. However, we saw Sana not budging from her resolve.

Mannara told Sana that she will help her do the dishes and together they decided that they will do it after half an hour. However, things were far from resolved, because next Sana was called to the confession room. Bigg Boss gave her an option of not doing any duty for two weeks in place of half of the groceries for the house. She also had a heart-to-heart conversation with Bigg Boss, where she spoke about how she felt suffocated being in the same room as Vicky. She said that no one has supported her, except for Mannara, who has always been her friend. She admitted to getting influenced by Vicky, but also declared that she will now just do what she wants to do. Bigg Boss told her that if she wanted to stand up for herself, then she should take his offer, and she agreed.

After that, the whole house came down harsh on Sana. But we saw a very determined Sana, not giving up or crying. Except for Mannara, who hugged her, everyone else told Sana that she was being selfish. Khanzadi told her that her decision was unjust for everyone in the house, Vicky advised everyone not to give attention to Sana, Abhishek declared that Sana always acts up when she is nominated. However, Sana told everyone clearly that no one stood up for her when she was upset. She told everyone that as it is everyone taunts her when she is working, so she decided to stop working now.

We saw Isha talking about how Sana is not wrong in taking a stand for herself. Sana also made it clear to the housemates that, unlike many of them, she never cried to Bigg Boss that she wanted to go home even when she was feeling low and alone. She also told Ankita that they had a good bond, but that she was targeting her now!

All in all, what we saw was a rather fierce and determined Sana, and we loved it!

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