Deepika Motwani: My comfort clothes are actually glamorous and diva-ish

Deepika Motwani: My comfort clothes are actually glamorous and diva-ish

Who says you cannot rest in style? Not actress Deepika Motwani for sure! Known for her music video Dil Le Gayi Kudi Gujarat Di, says that fashion comes naturally to her.

“I love fashion so I am updated with fashion trends but I like to try things that go with my personality. Most of my clothes are custom-tailored, as I feel they fit like a glove, and look perfect,” she says.

She adds, “My comfort clothes are actually glamorous and diva-ish! I want to be in front of the  camera all the time. But if you ask me what my go-to lounge wear at home is, it's satin velvet overcoats. I love both brights and pastel colours. I personally don't like earthy tones. My favourite is the English fuschia pink and the French whites and blues.”

Ask her if it’s a pressure to always look good, and she says, “Not for me! I love fashion; it's in my blood and my veins.  I never felt any pressure. Looking good is effortless. I am innately elegant even if I wear lounge clothes. People like you when you look great, so why not be stylish?”  

Talking about upcoming trends in fashion, she says, “Coord sets are here to stay for a while. As for summer trends, I think, we have many more coord sets in flowy fabrics and long and short boho cotton mul brunch dresses in pastels.”

And as for fashion icons in her life, she says she has a few! “I have always looked up to two people in fashion:Sir John Galliano and the late Alexander Mcqueen. My parents have been my biggest style inspiration as well. They have an impeccable sense of colour, design and very high aesthetics.”

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