Film: Hey Kameeni- Girl gone badass

Film: Hey Kameeni- Girl gone badass  

Renowned filmmaker Mani Shankar, known for his blockbuster hits such as "16th December," "Rudraksh," and "Tango Charlie," is set to enthrall the audience with his award-winning highly anticipated film, "Hey Kameeni- Girl Gone Badass" which will stream on Jio Cinema from 22nd of December


A celebration of the delightful 'Kameena- pan' within us all, this film promises a refreshing departure from the prevalent alpha male posturing, delivering a story of determination, vulnerabilities, friendships, and the capricious twists of fate.


Presented by Bhairav Films, the film is Directed & produced by Mani Shankar It is written and produced by Anjali Joshi and Mani Shankar

The film stars an ensemble cast of Aasheema Vardaan as Gauri, Drishika Chander as Kamini.

Its unpredictable storyline is both refreshingly honest and relatable in its treatment. Offering a unique cinematic experience. The film's catchphrase, "Girl Gone Badass," encapsulates the essence of the narrative, providing a welcome break from the stereotypical narratives prevalent in the industry.


The soul-stirring music of "Hey Kameeni- Girl Gone Badass" promises to be a highlight of the film. Debutant music composer Rinki Sharma's hauntingly beautiful track, "Tu hai Kahan," is bound to linger in the hearts of the audience and find its way into playlists. The soulful sound of "Dice" by debutant Japanese music composer and singer, Ken Goma, introduces a fresh perspective, making him a composer to watch out for. Additionally, the peppy title track, "Hey Kameeni," by Eddie, perfectly complements the spirited nature of the film.


A cast of talented newcomers amongst actors and music composers sets the tone completely in variance with the recent deliberations on nepotism in Bollywood.  The writers Anjali Joshi and Mani Shankar have ensured the pace and intrigue never stops. The suspense endures till the very end.


Director Mani Shankar says “Making a film about a girl going Badass has been a long time obsession. As a writer, it fascinated me. As a director it challenged me. We did a lot of workshops to get the subtext right. You are in the domain of unexpressed feelings. It has to come out just right"

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