Finding Joy in Every Moment: Rinku Ghosh on Happiness

Finding Joy in Every Moment: Rinku Ghosh on Happiness

Rinku Ghosh, who is currently seen in Anokha Bandhan, says that for her, happiness is finding joy in the little things in life. She said, “For me, happiness is about being present and finding joy in every moment. It’s not something easily defined in words; rather, it’s a state of being where you feel content and joyful regardless of the circumstances.”

She believes that happiness exists at different levels and added, “There’s momentary happiness that comes from immediate gratification. Then there’s happiness from personal achievements, like setting and achieving goals. However, the ultimate happiness is when your soul is content and satisfied from within.”

She also mentioned that peace and satisfaction are important for being happy. She said, “Satisfaction is crucial for happiness. People’s needs are endless, and sometimes we need to put a stop to our desires and be content with what we have. Living a peaceful and satisfying life leads to true happiness.”

Rinku, however, pointed out that people often mistake success for happiness. She said, “Success can bring happiness and even buy happiness through immediate gratification, but it’s meaningless if you can’t share love and happiness with your family or live peacefully. My ultimate happiness comes from bringing a smile to someone’s face.”

Sharing moments of happiness from her personal and professional life, she said, “I find happiness in the smallest things and am always happy. Professionally, I feel happy whenever I perform a good scene and receive appreciation. Currently, playing the character Sadhna in Anokha Bandhan gives me ultimate happiness and satisfaction, especially when I get applauded for my scenes. For me, happiness is everywhere; we just need to see it.”

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