'&flix' takes you back in time, 65 million years ago with their new '65' Instagram filter

'&flix' takes you back in time, 65 million years ago with their new '65' Instagram filter

Mumbai, 19th December 2023: In a spectacular culmination of cinematic wonder and emerging technology, &flix - India's foremost Hollywood hub - successfully hosted a captivating event for the highly anticipated Indian Television Premiere of the science fiction drama, '65.' The launch of an exclusive Instagram filter had already augmented an exciting dimension and realism to the celebration but the '65' movie campaign reached its zenith with a mesmerizing stunt at Carter Road a few days ago, offering attendees an enchanting experience of the film. The event was replete with the presence of dinosaurs, vividly recreating the world as it existed 65 million years ago.


The main highlight of the event were dinosaurs taking over Carter Road, leaving onlookers surprised and bewildered as to what is happening. These fans were soon introduced to the '65' Instagram filter, a bespoke creation that allowed users to seamlessly incorporate elements from the movie into their surroundings, and they had a gala time taking pictures. On accessing the filter, people could see dinosaurs battling or growling. This was made possible using the recently launched sky segmentation module. While this was launched at Carter Road, users can still be a part of the excitement by scanning the sky from any location. (Filter Link)

All in all, the exclusive on-ground event at Carter Road was a resounding success, drawing a diverse crowd of cinema enthusiasts, families, and individuals eager to experience the magic of '65.' The evening was a thrilling journey into adventure, hope, and survival, bringing the essence of cinema to life in a way that transcended traditional boundaries.

For those who were part of this extraordinary day and for those who missed it, the '65' experience continues to resonate, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape. Stay tuned for more cinematic adventures from &flix, as they continue to bring the magic of Hollywood to Indian audiences

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