I developed a habit of being presentable all the time: Charrul Malik

I developed a habit of being presentable all the time: Charrul Malik

Charrul Malik, former news anchor-turned-actor, who is currently seen in “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai!”, shared that her stint as a news anchor got her in the habit of being presentable around the clock. She revealed that people even used to compliment her that she is always camera-ready. 

“I don't feel any pressure to look good all the time, because I can wear a top which cost me Rs. 500 with the same confidence as if I wore a dress of Rs. 50,000. Since I was a news anchor and was always live, I developed a habit of being presentable all the time. It's in my blood,” she said. 

“A lot of people used to say, and even now they say, ‘She is always ready for the camera’. So, I don't think I really put in an effort to look presentable, and by default I pick colorful and nice-looking stuff, even if it is cheap, it should be good-looking. I pick fabrics which don't get any creases, look bright, and perfectly fit you, and I have this habit for the last 18 years. There are times when I wear my own clothes and go for my shoot,” she added. 

For Charrul, fashion is all about comfort and attitude. She said, “If I'm not comfortable with what I'm wearing, I don't consider it a comfortable fashion. For me, what matters is what suits me and compliments my personality.“ However, she is not one to follow every trend blindly, and added, “There are many trends which don't suit you. And when I follow trends, I make sure I give it my own touch and make it unique with accessories, shoes, handbag, hairband and other stuff.”

Charrul loves wearing coords and finds them very comfortable, but feels that people should choose them wisely as it can look otherwise at times. “Some coords do look like night suits, so I pick them carefully. So avoid certain fabrics and prints which give a nightwear look,” she said, adding that she loves wearing minis and short dresses during summers. “It’s a no for bodycon dresses. Only free flowy short knee-length dresses with nice fabric,” she further added. 

Shilpa Shetty and Deepika Padukone are two actresses she looks up to when it comes to fashion. “Deepika has her own style. Shilpa wears short dresses, sarees, dhoti suits, dhoti sarees, coord sets. She can carry anything. And I really love how she knows what to wear during the day and at night and what compliments her the best. You cannot just follow what she is wearing. I keep certain things in mind while picking up similar outfits like hers. We should pick things according to our body structure, height, and personality. Also, according to me, shoes play a very big role,” Charrul ended.

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