I follow in the footsteps of Shah Rukh Khan: Aadesh Chaudhary on social media

I follow in the footsteps of Shah Rukh Khan: Aadesh Chaudhary on social media

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has a huge fan following. People admire him for the magic he creates on-screen, and when not on the big screen, he keeps his fans entertained with his witty replies on social media. But he is not one to talk about his personal life on social media, and “Sasural Simar Ka” actor Aadesh Chaudhary loves this about him.

Talking about whether he has an idol when it comes to social media, Aadesh said, “I never follow such things and I never follow people who are revealing about their personal lives or who want their personal lives to be the talking point. I follow in the footsteps of Shah Rukh Khan that way. I like how he keeps it all professional, even when he is talking about his kids, it’s all their professional endeavours that he talks about.”

He believes personal life should not be displayed for public glaring. However, he agrees that it’s very subjective, and individual in nature.

“For me, I think personal life needs to be personal, else you will have a lot of people involved in your matter, sharing their opinion, giving you advices, etc. I generally don't discuss my personal life on social media, but I don’t have a problem with others who do so. It’s a personal choice and if someone wants to do it, and are open to observations and judgements then it’s ok,” Aadesh said.

“I feel if someone is putting their life out there, and then have a problem with the kind of reaction they get, that’s not fair. That’s why I say a lot of people use it as a publicity stunt because they want it. It also helps you get endorsements etc. A lot of actors have also started vlogging and as long as they are ok with it, what’s the harm,” he added.

Though he agrees that with the paparazzi culture it’s difficult for a public figure to shield their personal life, he adds, “I go with the flow, but I'm not a person who will reveal their personal life.”

Currently, there is a trend that most new parents are following where they hide their baby’s face from the media, or request them not to click their pictures. Aadesh feels that this is again a personal choice.

“Everybody has different perceptions. Few use it for their PR, few use it generally to show their life, few don't like it. So it's a very personal choice,” he ended.

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