I'm a fitness enthusiast: Anuj Arora

I'm a fitness enthusiast: Anuj Arora

Actor Anuj Arora, who has been a part of TV shows like Burey Bhi Hum Bhale Bhi Hum, Bandini, Thodi Khushi Thode Gham, Behenein, and the web series Anarchy, says fitness plays a huge role in his life. He said, “I'm a gym enthusiast, going every day and working out six days a week.”

“I love sports and played table tennis for 15-20 years, representing my state and school in numerous tournaments. My workout regimen consists of 2–2.5 hours daily, combining weight training, cardio, core exercises, functional training, and running,” he added.

He follows a high-protein diet, consuming 18 eggs daily—prepared as omelets, bhurji, or boiled. He further said, “I also eat plenty of salads and vegetables, focusing on low carbs. For gaining phases, I add some multigrain chapati at lunch. Additionally, my diet includes paneer, pulses, protein shakes, nuts, fruits, and soups.”

He mentioned that health consciousness runs in his family, especially from his father, who emphasized fitness and stretching exercises. “We grew up with cows at home, so our dairy products were always fresh and healthy. Maintaining health is crucial in my profession; looking good on screen and fitting specific roles require consistent fitness efforts. I've learned that skipping workouts makes me feel low,” he said.

“Managing demanding schedules demands extra effort. I always carry my food, including eggs, protein shakes, and fruits, wherever I go. Hydration is key—I ensure to drink 5 liters of water daily. Diet discipline is paramount, and my profession keeps me motivated,” he added.

Anuj believes that today fitness is a universal priority, heightened by post-COVID awareness. “I compete with myself as my own idol, always striving to outdo yesterday's efforts. Genetics and body type significantly influence fitness; controlling your diet is crucial. My major challenge was gaining muscle as a naturally lean person. Transforming from 45–50 kg to 60–65 kg required a significant investment of time and energy, achieving results after 4-5 years,” he said.

“Fitness goals are subjective, tailored to each character I portray. I aim to maintain sufficient fitness to transform for different projects. Having six packs every time is neither healthy nor  needed so it depends on what character you are playing,” he ended.

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