Jasmine Bhasin talks about her second Punjabi film and more

Jasmine Bhasin talks about her second Punjabi film and more

Jasmine Bhasin, the star who kicked off her journey in Punjabi films with "Honeymoon," is back from a whirlwind shoot in London for her upcoming movie, "Carry On Jattiye."

When asked about her London experience, she happily shares, "it was fantastic to shoot for the film in London. The weather was pleasant. I have a strong lead role and I'm sure my audiences would love it. With a smile, she adds, "I'm picky about the projects I choose, but 'Carry On Jattiye' felt like the perfect fit. I'm all in for more Punjabi films."

Talking about digital platforms/OTT, Jasmine says, "I'm totally up for OTT projects and even TV if the role is interesting. To me, every medium is cool, as long as the role challenges me."

Balancing personal and work life is a trick Jasmine has mastered. "I take it one day at a time and stay practical. I keep my circle small, with very few close people around me."

After a tough day on set, she finds peace and love with her three pets. "My pets are like a big bundle of love and calmness. I believe everyone should have a pet at home; their positive vibes are contagious."

When asked about her fans, she expresses, "Fan love and feedback mean a lot. Their admiration pushes me to always give my absolute best."

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