Kanchi Singh: OTT has given actors a chance to do more work

Kanchi Singh known for her roles in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Aur Pyar Ho gaya and is making OTT debut this year. She is very excited about her  project and asserts that OTT has given actors more opportunities and choices. Sharing her thoughts on how OTT has become the go-to entertainment platform for viewers, she said, “OTT has given actors a chance to do more work. We have more options, more work in the OTT space.”


“Shooting for the Web is finite, unlike daily soaps. Daily soaps are a daily grind, whereas OTT shoots give you a bound script and pace. TV, OTT, and films are different experiences and can't be compared. OTT has revolutionized the scenario, and the lockdown worked in its favor. OTT and binge watching are not just habits but addictions for film and content lovers. On the press of a button, we are seeing content featuring good actors from Bollywood, theater, and even TV,” she added.


Kanchi took a break from TV to focus on her Bollywood journey, and spoke about one of the most debatable issues of nepotism in the entertainment industry, emphasizing that it’s not just Bollywood where it happens.


She said, “Nepotism and favoritism exist in all fields, not just Bollywood. On TV, it also exists. People want to work with certain people and repeat them too. The nepotism and favoritism issue is blown out of proportion. At the end of the day, talent and luck also count. I am sincere in my work and towards my craft of acting.”

What next? “I am in talks for more films, two projects are already ready for release,” she ended.

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