Kunwar Amar opens up about being part of Anupamaa

Kunwar Amar opens up about being part of Anupamaa

Actor Kunwar Amar, who is part of the cast of Anupamaa, says that he loves being part of the show. He adds that the show is quite the trendsetter and people love watching it.

“The response is really nice, receiving so much love from fans, and everyone is loving the character, the best compliment that I have been receiving is that this character is bringing a different shade and freshness which makes people smile,” he says.

He adds, “It’s a great show and I have heard a lot about it before joining it, my family used to watch the show religiously and they only introduced me to the show.”

Talking about the equation he shares with actress Rupali Ganguly, he says, “Oh it’s beautiful bond! and it’s getting stronger day by day, she is a wonderful lady and always makes sure that all the scenes that we do should come out well, he helps me and give her feedback, I absolutely love and respect her, we all share our lunch and keep it as real as a family.”

He adds, “It’s always a good feeling to be a part of a show which is doing well. I am happy that I'm able to add to it and make it more entertaining for the viewers. Rajan Shahi is an expert when it comes to knowing the audience and his purity in work and clean thought process makes it work. I am happy to be associated with such an honest and creative person and hope the bond goes for long.”

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