Love the Rain: Celebrities talk about their love for monsoon

Love the Rain: Celebrities talk about their love for monsoon

After the summer heat, everyone waits for the beautiful monsoon. It is the season to relive one’s childhood memories and have chai and pakoda while looking at the beautiful sky. Here are a few celebrities talking about their love for rain and their to-do list for the season.

Sheezan Khan: Rain is always special for me. Since childhood, and I honestly love Mumbai in rain, I consider rain to be Rehmat! I don't eat pakodas, but I definitely go on the road, or maybe to eat ice cream. I love getting drenched in rain.   

Twinkle Arora: I love monsoons unless there's a halt in traffic. Otherwise, it’s my favorite. It was my mom’s favorite too. I have so many memories of monsoons. Once it was raining so beautifully that me and my mom decided to sleep in the hall near the biggest window, so we adjusted the sofas, brought out comforters, and tugged ourselves in watching the rain, the trees, and the thunderstorm. We ended up sleeping on the couch.

Shubhangi Atre: I just love everything about the rain. I just love monsoons. Mumbai monsoons are to die for. I wait the whole year for the monsoon season. Although there are a few issues, like traffic jams, I still love the rain because it makes nature so happy. The trees and plants become so vibrant, and the forests turn lush and green. Since I love nature, I really enjoy the monsoons. Every year, I eagerly wait for the monsoons so I can go on long drives, bathe in waterfalls, and play in rivers. This is my time to recharge my soul. And on rainy days, I believe there should be a holiday from shooting, and I also enjoy eating ice cream in the rain.

Sara Khan: I love everything about the monsoon; it's my favorite season. I enjoy getting drenched in the rain—who doesn't? I love the sound of raindrops and the smell of wet earth during the monsoons. I enjoy going on long drives, having chai and pakoras, and eating ice cream from roadside vendors. For me, rainy days are cozy days. Sometimes, I love to just get inside my comforter, stay there all day, have something hot, and binge-watch a movie or a series.

Radhika Vidyasagar: Monsoons make me the happiest person. I feel so joyful when it rains. Come Monday, and I’m the happiest person around. Since childhood, I have had so many memories associated with monsoons. It starts with school memories—new bags, new water bottles, and all those green surroundings. These are golden memories. As school kids, we would have new uniforms and make new friends. Also, being born in June, with my birthday on June 30, the monsoons in Pune were always pleasant, like a bit of London rain making the weather perfect. The greenery everywhere and the lush green plants around my house all made me so happy. Monsoons truly make me the happiest. I love monsoons because of these childhood memories. Despite some man-made errors and accidents, I’m very happy. I plan to make the most of it this year. I’m trying to incorporate visits to Borivali National Park early in the morning and trips to the Kanheri Caves in the rain. I enjoy monsoon treks and trips so much. The monsoon is the best season for me, and I love it the most.

Shaan Mishra: The monsoon is definitely a time to relive childhood memories. As kids, whenever it rained, we would always make paper boats and try to float them in the collected water. We didn’t care about getting wet; we just wanted to enjoy the rain. Our surroundings, the neighborhood, everything felt so alive. Monsoon also teaches us that even the sky cries, but it brings life with its tears. It's a reminder that, after hardships, joy follows. The monsoon provides a refreshing break from the heat, and we always look forward to it. It's like being an artist who, despite any backdrop, brings smiles to others—always spreading joy. Whether working or not, the monsoon is a time to enjoy beautiful places, a cup of coffee, and good music. Being from the mountains, I have wonderful childhood memories of the monsoons.

Sherleen Dutt: Growing up in Jammu and Kashmir, the monsoon holds a special place in my heart. It's a time that reconnects me with cherished childhood memories of playing in the rain. I remember eagerly telling my mom on rainy mornings that I didn't want to go to school, just so I could enjoy the rain a little longer. What I love most about this season is its ability to transform the landscape into a lush green paradise. The rain not only nourishes the earth but also brings a sense of tranquility and renewal. On a rainy day, I find joy in simple yet meaningful activities that enhance the cozy atmosphere. One of my favorite things to do is find colorful umbrellas, especially those with vibrant rainbow designs, which always bring a smile to my face. Another tradition in our home during the monsoon was enjoying mom's deliciously crispy pakoras paired with hot chai or coffee. It's a comforting treat that brings warmth on a rainy day. Meanwhile, my dad would immerse himself in gardening, tending to our plants, which thrived during the monsoon. Personally, I love taking quiet walks in the rain, feeling the cool drops on my skin, and inhaling the earthy scent of wet soil. It's a time for introspection and appreciating the beauty that nature offers, even in its most gentle tears.

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