Maira Mehra: We will have a Dalchini party on Christmas!

Maira Mehra: We will have a Dalchini party on Christmas!

While she loves celebrating Christmas in Mumbai, actress Maira Mehra says that she is away from home this year due to her show Dalchini. She says that this year she will be celebrating the holidays with her friends from the show.

“I always have a Christmas tree at my place, in Mumbai, and I celebrate a lot on Christmas Eve with my friends and family. But as I'm in Chandigarh at the moment, shooting for my show, so I won't be able to make it. But I love to decorate Christmas trees, so I've got a small Christmas tree and I will be decorating it. We will also have a Dalchini party together,” she says.

She adds, “I think the best part of Christmas is where we all can sit and just chit chat and have chocolates. People are wearing red and white clothes and it's a beautiful evening.”

Talking about what she usually does, she says, “I love all the festivals and I love to celebrate each and everything about it. When it comes to Christmas, I celebrate it with my friends. Although this year, I will be with my Dalchini family. If my schedule allows me to keep a small get together or a reunion, I will be keeping it at my place.”

She adds, “I think, during any festival, we all love to celebrate. It’s been like two or three months since I've been in Chandigarh for Dalchini. And here I've actually met a lot of people. So I will be with them on Christmas and New year. If I get a holiday, obviously I'm going to run to my Mumbai friends!”

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