Maninee Dee on her show Dalchini: People are loving the flavour of Punjab

Maninee Dee on her show Dalchini: People are loving the flavour of Punjab

Actress Maninee Dee, who is part of Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s show Dalchini, says that she loves the response people are giving to her show. The actress adds that she loves shooting for the show as well, and shares a great equation with the team.

“So the feedback I'm getting is that it's a different concept. They're liking the fresh pairing of the three of us. That is, Maira Mahera, me and Rohit Chaudhry. People are liking the flavour of Punjab, the fact that it deals with food is fascinating for people,” she says, adding, “I'm a very affable person. So I bond with everybody. But I'm very fond of Rohit and Maira, and Pranjali, Mannat. I think all, I bond with all of them.”

Meanwhile, she says that being part of a daily soap is challenging. “Well, I've been doing television for nearly 20 years.  I know that it's hard and the structure is very trying and testing. But I think once you do TV, you can do anything in this world in terms of any other medium. One thing I make sure to do is that I don't carry my character's home. I'm a therapist by training, so I know how to debrief. But certain portions of my character do stay with me, and I need to kind of expand that out of my system,” she says.

Talking about working with Dreamiyata Entertainment, Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta, she says, “It is amazing working with both of them. They both are immensely talented and it is lovely working with them. The whole production team, including Sraman, Vivay, and our new director Satishji, has been incredibly supportive. Working with Amaji has been amazing, and now with Satishji, it's really lovely collaborating with passionate, talented, and committed people. The audience's love and feedback, especially for Rajjani, are overwhelming. Memes are being made, and people are connecting with the show. Overall, it's been a great experience. We're aiming to be number 1 on Dangal, touching hearts, and continuing the legacy of entertaining people. In the world of television, where audiences can be unpredictable, our goal is to capture their attention and build character loyalty every day by elevating our performance with each scene.”

While talking about shooting in a different city, she says" for people who are Mumbaikers. Coming from the north though, I'm originally a part North Indian and I'm a delhi girl, but I've been in bombay for about 22 years now. So it is very challenging. The weather conditions are very challenging here. Also, the food and everything is very different. So just the body adapting to it is a different story altogether," she ends.

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