Mohit Kapoor on working in showbiz: Ups and downs are there, but so are opportunities

Mohit Kapoor on working in showbiz: Ups and downs are there, but so are opportunities

Fashion director Mohit Kapoor says that the film industry is a medium that has enough work for everyone. He adds that as a fashion director, he always has work on his plate.
“I agree with the fact that there are highs and lows in the industry but that does not mean that your work will get stopped. It happens in every business, some days you'll get a lot of work and the rest of the time you don't have anything to do. It's not wrong to say that every business can have a downfall, but I feel the entertainment industry on the contrary has a lot of opportunities. I get a lot of work because I am in the field of styling and these days events happen very often. It rarely happens that our business is not running well or we are not able to find clients,” he says.

He adds, “I have changed my profession, earlier I was working in the hotel profession. So, choosing a different profession has been quite special for me. I have completed almost four years and I love my work. I love to style people as per their choice, body type, personality and comfort. I enjoy my work as it gives me a chance to network with people. Trust me both the hotel and entertainment industry are very different from each other and things are so different.”

People come to showbiz for fame and name, he says, adding, “Of course, people are broadly attracted to the entertainment industry because of name fame and money. Every person wants to gain respect and get noticed for what he does. So, everyone wants to have fame and money.”

He says, “I feel that struggle is in every field. There were days when we failed to get stylish clothes from the designer. I am still working. So, success never comes alone, it comes with a lot of sacrifices and hard work. But once you taste success you feel greedy and you always look for more work. And I am not selfish to believe in this.”

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