Mumbai has been ranked as expensive compared to Sydney, Berlin and Toronto. Here's how celebrities share their vision of the city of dreams.

Mumbai has been ranked as expensive compared to Sydney, Berlin and Toronto. Here's how celebrities share their vision of the city of dreams.

Monika Khanna: If Mumbai is more expensive than Sydney and Berlin then I think those who are living a decent life here must be the richest. The people who are living in this city are already rich, right? But I feel we are not less than them. I love this city, although it's the place where I work, but I wish to be born in this city if I am fortunate enough to have another life after this. I feel very proud to say that this city has given me a lot and is taking care of me very beautifully. I am proud and I feel I am the richest when it comes to Sydney and Toronto. Sometimes we are very stressed due to work but at last, everything happens on its own. This city and the vibe it has, the strength of this city, that never lets us give up is fabulous. I don't think there's any other place like this city. No matter where we are, whether we are travelling or being stuck in traffic, the energy Mumbai gives you is fantastic. I stay out of this city and rejuvenate myself but I know I'll get back to this city. I'll always end up coming back to this city. I don't want to leave this city. 

Anupama Solanki: Sometimes my family asks me where my money is going and I feel helpless because they think "10 hazar ka rashan rakho aur 10 hazar kiraya" and done but my Mumbai is 10 times more expensive than they think. Income is the same from the last 3,4 years but expenses are increasing day by day. Job people cannot survive in Mumbai at any cost and the life we actors live is more expensive compared to other states. If you do not earn 4,5 lakh monthly in Mumbai then you will not save any money and mistakenly you have purchased a Car or Home in EMI then you cannot imagine. Sometimes I feel whatever my expenses are in Mumbai. What happens if I am in my hometown Chandigarh and my earning is equal to Mumbai's income then surely I can be the owner of some villa in Chandigarh and have beautiful luxury futuristic cars and a luxurious life. 

Nikhil Nanda: Mumbai is a very expensive place to stay. Real estate is one of the highest and most premium in the world, however, I feel for a person to eat, drink, and get the basics, there is a wide variety of options from very cheap to very expensive. So to that extent, Mumbai is at both extreme ends from very expensive to very cheap. Talking about the pros: It is a good city if you are looking for career growth or personal growth. You can achieve your goals with a focused approach. However, the cons are that social networks are very far away, and whatever is there is related to your work. So real time friends and real time social groups don't exist in Mumbai. 

Mehul Vyas: Mumbai is home to me, Being born and brought up here I consider myself lucky but I do acknowledge that it is very difficult to survive in Mumbai as it is very expensive. It is the survival of the fittest. Mumbai is always on its toes. Hustle and bustle is the law of the land. As discussed before, living in Mumbai is so expensive, One has to be thoroughly professional and work-oriented to afford a lifestyle in Mumbai. The fast-paced lifestyle can be exhilarating for some but stressful for others. Balancing work and personal life is crucial to managing the city's pace effectively.

Sneh Binny: As a Mumbaikar, this ranking can be a source of mixed emotions. On a positive note, it reflects Mumbai's global stature and economic significance. On one hand, it evokes a sense of pride. On the other hand, the higher cost of living raises concerns regarding financial challenges and affordability for residents. So, the emotions are a blend of pride in Mumbai's global standing and awareness of the economic complexities that impact the everyday lives of those who call the city home.

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