Nikhil Nanda opens up about his devotion to Lord Hanuman

Nikhil Nanda opens up about his devotion to Lord Hanuman

Producer-actor Nikhil Nanda says that he has always been a devout worshipper of Lord Hanuman. In fact, he feels blessed to have got the opportunity to construct world's tallest statue at highest point of Hanuman ji  placed in a temple in Himachal Pradesh, and is getting Sam across 4 corners second being in Morbi Gujarat inaugurated by Honorable PM in 2022 and plans of getting many more built across the country. 

“Hanuman ji is the only God which as per Hindu scriptures is physically present across all the four Yugas which is Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and the Kalyug. According to my personal experience, whenever I was in any trouble, I invoked Hanuman ji and he has done magic for me,” he says.

He adds, “I got the blessings to make Hanuman ji's first statue in the year 2008. When I saw that there was a statue in Reo named Christ the Redeemer. At that time there were around more than 250 Crores Christians around the world.  And even after the population of Indians in crores there's no such statue of our God in any hill top. So, I got inspiration from that and after coming back, I met then Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dumal sahab and by his grace, we fulfilled the dream of 108 feet high statue of Hanuman ji built in the North in Jakhu temple, Himachal Pradesh in 2010. After that in 2022 we built another statue in the west in Morbi Gujarat. It was inaugurated by our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now, 3rd Dham breaks ground in the south in Rameswaram and the work has already started there. We hope that in 2024 it will be inaugurated. We have also planned to make another statue in Deoghar in the east and the work has already been started.”

Talking about other cities, he says, “All of these cities have their own beliefs where we have decided to build Hanuman ji statues. Jakhu Mandir in Shimla is a place where Hanuman ji stopped to take Sanjeevani. Morbi Gujarat has a temple of Hanuman ji with its own beliefs. Rameswaram is a place where Prabhu Sri Ram, while coming back after winning the war with Ravan, established a Shivling. And Devghar is a place where Ravan was taking Shiv ji with him in Kailash Parvat and it got established there itself. So, all of these cities have their own beliefs about Hanuman ji.”

Ask him what makes him believe in the presence of God in his life, and he says, “I think whatever I have achieved in my life and the knowledge I am having right now is all because of Hanuman ji. If people say that I did hard work and faced everything with courage in my life then I would say, I was able to do it because of my trust and my belief in God. It motivates us to face all the hard situations in life.”

He adds, “In my opinion, today's generation is getting an idea about devotion and belief in God. They have started believing in the presence of God and that change can be witnessed on social media too. Our culture, which we forgot throughout the years and how Takshila University was burnt by Muslims during the invasion, there were so many books that it took 6 months for them to get burnt. All of those things are living proof that there's so much knowledge in our Hindu religion. Now all the knowledge that was present in our minds is coming out and getting published and is reaching out to people. That makes me believe that in the upcoming time people's thoughts would change and they would get to know the power of our Dharma and how it is linked.”

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