Sana is not someone who would create a problem in the house for no matter : Luv Israni

Sana is not someone who would create a problem in the house for no matter : Luv Israni

Celebrity lawyer Sana Raees Khan is doing very well in the Bigg Boss 17 house. With her strong personality and no-nonsense attitude, she's become a very strong contender in the house. Luv Israni, celebrity photographer is a very dear friend of Sana and he shares some insight on Sana.

He says, "The first time I met her was when I was at her college (SIES) to judge a competition. She won the title of Ms. Pageant in her college. I had noticed even then she answered everything so fiercely and with so much confidence, I was amazed and chose her as the winner.  I had also promised her a free portfolio shoot 10 years ago as a reward. While she didn’t come to me for a portfolio, we were always in touch. And over the years our professional relationship turned into a real solid friendship. We bumped into each other a few years ago while she was at the high court. We sat and discussed her other dreams and aspirations and thought of getting a portfolio done.”

Luv, who has a special eye for beauty says, "Sana loves facing the camera. Recently, we finally shot the portfolio which has various looks. It was an amazing photo shoot,  but as we know, she is a lawyer, so the pictures didn’t get much fame and popularity.”

When Sana got the offer of Bigg Boss, she did consult Luv about her participation. Luv shares, "When the Bigg Boss offer came to Sana, she had asked me what she should do, I remember we had continued this conversation consecutively for 3 days. I advised her to participate in the show. Everybody has apprehensions and she also had it. She was a bit dicey because she also had important cases to handle. But finally she jumped in. She went inside the house as she wanted to tell the world a lawyer can also participate in a reality show like Bigg Boss. Lawyers are capable of handling a difficult case and also can play a reality show like BB. And now she has been in the house for the last 6 weeks, almost a month and a half. I find her game really well. The way she is playing the game is her personality, she is not someone who would create a problem in the house for no matter what. But she is the one who would definitely stand up for the right decision. And that’s what I love about her.”

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