Spiritual healer Ayush Gupta to offer reiki to rescue animals

Spiritual healer Ayush Gupta to offer reiki to rescue animals

Spiritual healer Ayush Gupta, who excels in tarot card reading, reiki and numerology, says that animals need to be protected and respected by human beings. In light of the recent cases of cruelty against animals, Ayush says that this needs to change immediately.
“I believe animals should be seen as living beings, not just creatures. It pains me when people mistreat animals. We should take the initiative, at least in our hearts, to do something better for every street dog or animal,” he says.

He adds, “Right now, I'm planning to offer Reiki to rescue cats for their well-being. I'm going to start this initiative and provide animal Reiki for their betterment.”

He says that human beings need to understand that they are one with nature. “When we say vasudeva kutumbakam , we say the world is one unit. So it doesn't just mean that there should be unity in humans or unity in geographical borders; but there must be unity in every living being and nature. When we say nature, we are talking about human beings, animals, plants, trees, everything is one. Once human beings will start seeing other animals as one of their own, they do not feel like doing such heinous crimes,” he says.

Meanwhile, he adds that human beings resort to such cruelty when they are unhappy from within. “People often just talk about serious matters like mental health without taking real action. They discuss, write about it, create content, and even profit from it, but it remains a serious issue. Many of them are not genuinely happy but create content on social media to appear so. Internally, people are struggling, feeling mentally unwell, and trapped in inner and outer conflicts. The key is to address these battles within ourselves. Understanding life's basics can lead to a peaceful and happy life. Instead of focusing on external methods to find happiness, like creating videos or reels, meditation and leading a disciplined life can offer solutions. Life is governed by three forces: one that accelerates it, one that creates obstacles, and one that balances the two. Just like a car needs a balance between the accelerator, brake, and clutch, finding this balance requires mindfulness and awareness,” he says.

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