Urvashi Rautela To Perform Pooja Ahead Of Pran Prathistha By Welcoming Lord Ram At Her New Humble Aboard

Urvashi Rautela To Perform Pooja Ahead Of Pran Prathistha By Welcoming Lord Ram At Her New Humble Aboard

As the nation rejoices in the auspicious occasion of the Ayodhya Temple Pran Prathishtaa, the atmosphere is filled with spiritual fervor and cultural resonance. While the entire country is immersed in the celebrations, Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela stands out not just for her glamour on screen but also for her deep-rooted connection to spirituality and tradition.

On the eve of the historic Ram Mandir Pran Prathishta, Urvashi Rautela who was also invited for the special inauguration, couldn't make it to the maha pooja but simultaneously chose to honor the occasion in a unique and personal way. Apart from gracing the silver screen with her presence, the talented actress is known for her commitment to cultural values and spiritual beliefs. Ahead of the grand ceremony in Ayodhya, Urvashi has decided to perform a special Pooja at her newly acquired home in the upscale neighborhood of Juhu.

For Urvashi, spirituality isn't just a part of her public image but a genuine aspect of her life. The actress, who has been vocal about her spiritual journey in the past, expressed her excitement about welcoming Lord Rama into her new abode. This move not only showcases her devotion to the divine but also reflects her commitment to staying connected to her roots. The Pooja at Urvashi's residence will be a private affair, attended by close friends and family. 

Urvashi Rautela shared her thoughts on this special occasion, "I feel incredibly blessed to be able to celebrate this historic moment in my life. The construction of the Ayodhya Temple and the Pran Prathishta have filled our hearts with joy and pride. Welcoming Lord Rama into my new home is a personal way for me to connect with the cultural and spiritual significance of this momentous event."

As India celebrates the Ayodhya Temple Pran Prathishtaa, Urvashi's intimate Pooja at her new home becomes a symbol of the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity in the lives of those who strive to uphold the cultural fabric of our diverse nation.

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