World Chocolate Day: Celebrities say dark chocolate is their favorite

World Chocolate Day: Celebrities say dark chocolate is their favorite
July 7 is observed as World Chocolate Day. On this occasion, a few celebrities share their love for chocolates and whether they satisfy their midnight cravings with them. Here’s what they had to say:
Anoushka Chauhan: Every girl loves chocolate. I do not have a sweet tooth, but occasionally I crave a bite. Cocoa has flavonols and antioxidants that make our blood flow better to the brain. Increasing levels of dopamine in our brains bring joy. I like nuts, dark chocolate, and chocolate with an orange flavor. I like to have it when I am feeling low or after dinner. Dark chocolate is rich in minerals, such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. It can have various health benefits, including reducing inflammation and decreasing the risk of heart disease. Chocolate comes from cacao, a plant with high levels of minerals and antioxidants. It definitely lifts my mood, and many times I have low sugar, so it helps me boost my energy as well.
Aradhana Sharma:
Oh, I absolutely adore chocolates! There’s something so comforting and delightful about that rich, velvety taste. My favorite flavor has to be dark chocolate. The combination of bitter and sweet with a touch of saltiness is just irresistible to me. Midnight cravings are definitely my weakness. There’s nothing quite like sneaking a piece of chocolate after a long day, right before bed. It feels like a little reward for all the hard work. I also love having a small piece after a meal; it’s the perfect way to end on a sweet note.
Charrul Malik:
Chocolate is something that we have all been loving since our childhood days. I love chocolate with hazelnuts, raisins, and cashews. I never share my chocolates with anyone. But now I understand that excess of anything is bad. So, I stick to only two to three pieces a day. I don't like dark chocolate. I know it is healthy, but I don't enjoy having it. I love milk-based chocolates with lots of raisins and cashews. Chocolate is, in and of itself, a diet. When I am busy shooting and don't get time to have something, I make sure I eat chocolate.
Shaan Mishra:

Of course, who doesn't love chocolate? It must be rare to find someone on this planet who doesn't like chocolate. I love dark chocolate, and when it comes to flavors, I prefer vanilla—it's my favorite. Most of my friends from abroad always bring chocolates for me when they come to India. I especially like chocolates from Germany, Sweden, and England. Whenever my friends from those countries visit, they bring me lots of chocolates. However, now that I'm very much into fitness, I try to avoid eating a lot of chocolate. But if I do crave some, I don't mind indulging a bit. This craving can strike at any time, not just at midnight, and if I feel like having some, I go for it. I also like to share chocolates whenever my friends bring them for me. I have always enjoyed sharing chocolates. Back in school, I used to give chocolates to everyone on my birthday, whereas most kids would give toffees. My friends always looked forward to my birthday because they knew they would get chocolates. They would always ask, "Which chocolate will we get this year?" It's a cherished memory from my life.
Anuj Arora:
Chocolates just make me smile because I have always loved them since my childhood. I remember eating so many chocolates that my teeth used to get bad, and I would often get scolded because I used to sneak and eat chocolates. But now, things have changed. I still love chocolates, but because of fitness and counting calories, I now stick to dark chocolates. My favorite combo is dark chocolate with a pinch of orange. As for the timing, I can have chocolates any time of the day. I'm a dessert guy—I love having something sweet at the end of a meal. I usually prefer eating chocolates after meals, especially after lunch and dinner, though I mostly avoid eating them after dinner. Still, sometimes I secretly eat them. You'll find all sorts of dark chocolates in my fridge because I need to have something sweet after my meals.

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