Shri Gorakshanath Guruji recounts his experience of performing puja at Ram Mandir

Shri Gorakshanath Guruji recounts his experience of performing puja at Ram Mandir

Vedic sage Shri Gorakshanath Guruji considers himself lucky to have got the chance to perform Puja at the Ram Mandir inauguration at Ayodhya. Founder of the Siddhamath Ashram, Shri Gorakshanath Gurujee is well-versed in Vedic knowledge and the science of astrology.

“I feel honored and delighted to be part of the consecration ceremony of the historic, majestic temple dedicated to Lord Rama. Serving in the divine ritual of consecration and worshiping Lord Rama is a profound opportunity that brings me immense joy. Embracing my identity as a proud follower of Sanatan Dharma and as an Indian, I feel a sense of pride in being part of this once-in-a-lifetime auspicious occasion. It's a moment of great significance, and I am grateful to contribute to the sacred act of service and witness the divine union,” he says. 

Talking about the vibe of the devotees at the mandir, he says, “I am witnessing waves of energy that make me feel the divine presence of Lord Rama on this sacred land. It seems as if the entire royal palace from that time is manifesting in the majestic temple, creating an ambiance where one can sense the grandeur. The vibrations are so pronounced that it feels like Lord Rama is approaching, and we are humbly worshiping at his divine feet. The transformative atmosphere is truly uplifting, bringing a remarkable change to the surroundings,” he says. 

He adds, “During this worship, I've experienced an overwhelming sense that my purpose is solely devoted to renouncing worldly affairs and immersing myself in the practice of dharma – chanting the scriptures, embodying righteous conduct, adhering to principles like yama and niyama, and dedicating myself entirely to the service of Lord Rama. The joy I'm feeling is so profound that it seems as if I'm not merely living in this century.”

He says that these are moments that he can never forget. “Instead, I see Lord Rama, his divine family, and the auspicious atmosphere mentioned in the Vedas all around me. Knowledgeable and wise individuals from across Bharat Varsha have gathered, creating an environment rich in Vedic, divine, and profound teachings. This bliss is unparalleled; it feels like a convergence of learned beings, a sight rarely witnessed. Everyone has come together for the cause of Lord Ram Chandra's divine work, and the joy is immeasurable. People from all walks of life are participating in this worship, united by the common goal of seeking Lord Rama's blessings for the entire Bharat Varsh. The atmosphere is filled with joy, and I feel truly blessed to witness and be a part of this divine occasion,” he says.

Talking about the puja that took place, he says, “Here, various types of rituals are taking place. Yesterday, there was a worship ceremony for the nine planets, including a sacred fire ritual. The hymns and rituals associated with the cosmic constitution of these planets were performed. Today, there was a divine dream about the consecrated space where the temple is being built – a place purified for the eternal residence of Lord Rama. Special Vedic mantras were chanted, and the surroundings were sanctified with the waters of sacred rivers, ensuring a divine and pure atmosphere. We have taken every precaution for physical well-being, but alongside that, an elaborate plan has been executed to create a spiritually enriched environment for Lord Rama's divine presence. The recitation of Vedic mantras with specific substances and rituals is aimed at inviting divine energies, aligning the subtle elements, and establishing a harmonious dwelling for the divine. The temple is not just physically pure; it has been consecrated with specific substances, invoking the divine through Vedic mantras. Lord Rama's presence is not only physical but also subtle, and this consecration ensures that both physical and divine aspects are in harmony. Today's activities included various rituals, such as different havans during the evening for various deities, each with distinct offerings like sesame, barley, and palash flowers. The rituals culminated with peace chants from all four Vedas, followed by the divine Aarti of Lord Rama and distribution of Prasad to everyone. Thus, the day's proceedings were completed in a spiritually enriched manner.”

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